Saturday, 29 March 2014

Christmas Blanket

I previously made myself and Alan a crochet blanket, the size of a double bed, to go on our bed. I planned to make a blanket for Frieda, one that would live on her single bed. I started 2 weeks before she was born and had big ideas that it would be ready for her first Christmas. So here it is. Not quite single bed sized, in fact nowhere near but it was ready for Christmas day. 


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The beginning, Frieda's first birthday.

Frieda's First birthday.

For a few months now I have viewed Frieda's birthday as a marking point for starting a new blog and for new beginnings in general. Writing a blog is something I have wanted to do for quite some time. I was struck with the fear that I don't have anything interesting to say and also that the act of writing is not something that feels very natural to me. When we had a baby our world was turned into the general chaos that babies find so natural. In my head I felt that things would seem less chaotic when Frieda turned one......and do you know what? I was right, life settled into a natural, occasionally calm, rhythm, just before Frieda turned one. Having a baby also allowed me to throw caution to the wind, leave my fears behind and put a stop to procrastination. So this blog is partly thanks to Frieda.

So anyway enough about me, it was Frieda's big day after all. After much deliberation about whether to have a party or not, we opted for the low key option of a visit to the local farm and a roast. The past year has felt quite full on, what with moving house, having a baby and returning back to work, so it was nice to enjoy some relaxation time.

The farm was super. Frieda loved it. It was so lovely watching her run around, squealing with joy, chasing the chickens. It was the first time I have really seen her walk outside. Man alive did she love that mud!

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