Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My little cup.

I found this little cup at the tip, along with it's sister cup and a sugar bowl. This little cup, provides the perfect focal point to explain a little about my style and life philosophy.

When I found it at the tip my heart leapt into my throat. I love the bright, slightly garish and slightly clashing colours. My clothes style (or lack of one) has often involved adorning myself in as many clashing colours, patterns and objects as possible. My bedrooms throughout the years have typically taken on this love of colour and clashing objects. In recent years I have paired down this look somewhat. I digress, back to the cup. The cup reminded me of a more elegant version of an ash tray I had in the late 90's with the same colours and a dragon which held the cigarette in it's mouth. I was smitten.

Later that day I smashed the matching saucers. The sense of anger, frustration and loss I experienced was not in any way proportionate to a collection of free items rescued from a tip but I think it says a lot about my attitude to 'stuff'. I wanted to rescue these items and I felt a sense of responsibility to preserve such beautiful items and I failed in this. I like items that tell stories and hold secrets. By smashing the saucers I had put an end to the story, or so my angry self thought at the time. A couple of hours later my anger had dispelled and I realised it didn't really matter that I had smashed the saucers, I probably was not going to drink out of them any way, and off I internet trotted to pintrest, to seek out inspiration for for my perfect little cups. Their story would continue, just on a slightly different path.
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