Sunday, 18 May 2014

On Pink

During a recent trip to Boot's, I glanced over and noticed the above offending item. It annoyed me and I thought I write a blog post to work through why I was upset.

Said pink item upset me because I really don't see why an item like reins needs to be gendered. It's an evil marketing idea which means you need to buy separate reins for boys and girls. Obviously as a thrift mistress, I find this idea insane. This led me to reflect on items Frieda has such as toys and clothes. Toy's wise Frieda's toys are gender neutral. Her toy box contains toys of all different colours shapes and sizes. Frieda has recently become interested in trains and dolls. She has a train set and I intend to buy her a doll in the future. In our house dolls and trains are promoted as children’s toys rather than toys for either boys or girls, as is quite common these days

The cup cake image for girls idea enrages me. Firstly cake is for boys and girls it's not only girls that eat cake. Secondly I hate the connotation around the idea that cupcakes are more suited to a girls dainty appetite. I figure this *ahhhh eat cup cakes* imagery is surely feeding into food and body issues girls are at risk of as they get older. So there we have have it, simple huh? And then I think about how clothes are viewed in our house. I think the Pinkstinks campaign articulates this point more eloquently than my good self.....go check it out.

Clothes wise I realise my standards are different. Frieda has parents who LOVE bright colours. Alan and I respect all colours and this attitude is reflected in our whole family's wardrobe. Frieda wears some pink items (a) because I am a thrift mistress and it's hard to avoid the colour in hand me down bundles, and (b) because we see beauty all colours and don't want to limit our colour consumption.  Frieda doesn't wear too much pink because (a) it's not one of my favourites, and (b) because of the overly girly stereotypes it's associated with. Sometimes Frieda wears clothes that are contemporary and gender neutral ie dungarees, tee shirts leggings. Sometimes she wears more classic feminine clothes ie floral's, and beautiful dresses. And I lOVE the dresses, and don't intend to change my attitude here. I realise therefore that my ideas are skewed. I dress Frieda in clothes that society clearly deems as being only for girls but encourage her that all toys and activities are for boys and girls. Frieda is nearly getting to the age when she can choose her own clothes i'm interested to see what she chooses. I'm writing this post on a very hot day and Frieda is wearing a very practical, cool, cotton sun dress and i'm thinking isn't it a shame baby boys don't wear dresses any more. I leave you with this delightful image.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Knitted Friends

I love knitted toys. My mum bought Frieda a couple of gems. Inspired by these nice faced characters, I decided to have a go at my own. I wasn't entirely happy with the finished results. I thought I may have been able to produce something a little bit better but knitting toys is quite hard and stuffing them without legs looking like sausages..... well that's a real skill.

The gold standard

My attempt


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Falling off the path to spiritual enlightenment

In amidst a journey involving craft, blog reading, nu folk, holidaying in the U.K mid century modern pattern and 1970's car boot finds, I forgot a whole side of myself. A side that used to revel in foreign adventures, go weak at the knees for Indian fabric and patterns, wear bindis, burn nag champa and read works by African America feminist's.

A visit to an old friend made me realise that a little of this side of me has been forgotten. A little bit of my 'inner hippy' has gone on holiday. My friends house was beautifully adorned with colourful items from India and Africa. My love for bright colours is still very strong but my love of Indian and Moroccan patterns is somewhat missing in my life.

In an attempt re-connect with this part of my self I have decided to share some of my photos from my Indian adventure, over 6 years ago now. I didn't have a very good camera back then. Recently I have started to 'edit' my photos and I use this term in the loosest possible sense. (I'm talking a little bit of cropping of the photos that I take on an auto setting) I would never have done any sort of cropping back when I took these photos and in the spirit of my slightly more free spirited self, I have decided to leave the photos exactly as they were taken. I have really enjoyed looking back on these images.....a different time.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Jack in the Green

On the May Day bank holiday our family took a trip to Hastings to witness the Jack in the Green celebrations. I initially started this post as an ode to Hastings.....I love the town! I have decided that a separate trip and post are needed to capture the delights and faded glamour of this seaside town.

So Jack in the Green; morris men, chimney sweeps, beautiful maidens, flower garlands and a greenery-covered man representing fertility. Throw in some beautiful sunshine, cider, chips and the beautiful back drop of Hastings old town to the mix and you have one special bank holiday.

Having Frieda in tow meant it was not possible to stand in the crowd and witness the parade, meaning a lot of the story was lost on me. This also accounts for the lack of actual 'jack in the green photos' We found a small square with flowerbeds, where Frieda could run about and we could see a little bit of the parade poking out above the crowds heads and we got to soak up the atmosphere this way.



Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A long knit

This is the jumper I made for Frieda's birthday. Remember Frieda's birthday, the event that happened all the way back in February. The Jumper, like all items I make, was not ready when I wanted it to be. I then decided it would be a nice Easter gift. Easter came and went and still no Jumper. But here it is just in time for May day, Frieda's May day Jumper.

This is the first piece of clothing I have knit since having a baby.....I was rusty, I had to re do the collar twice, I spilt tea over it and I was slow. It ceased to be something enjoyable that I did in the evenings watching I player but the end result is rather fetching, one feels.

I'm considering putting the needles on the back burner for a while as I find the process lengthy and time is not something that I have much of at the moment. I think I'm going to try out some new crafts, ones which could maybe produce some quicker results. I'm not looking for fast food style craft but I think smaller quicker projects would suit me at the moment.
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