Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dylan Thomas Country

Since returning from holiday, come 10 pm, when the baby is in bed and our D.I.Y tasks have been completed, Dylan's Thomas's comforting lilt can be heard from our house. Indeed, since we returned from Wales we have gone a little Dylan Thomas mad and are ploughing our way through the many gems we have found on you tube. My partner is a big Thomas fan and I would call myself a fan. We planned our little South  West Wales jaunt to take in a bit of Dylan Thomas country as a way of celebrating 100 years of Thomas.  We took in the Gower Peninsula, Swansea and the Mumbles and took a day trip to Laugharne.  The Gower Peninsula is beautiful I recommend you visit.  The main exhibition room at the Dylan Thomas Centre is being refurbished I recommend you don't drive in to Swansea, twice, in hope of seeing this!

Alan introduced me to Thomas when we first met and I have fuzzy, hazy memories of falling asleep to 'A Childs Christmas in Wales' and 'Under Milk Wood'. I must admit to struggling to connect with some of his poetry when I read it dry from the page. Taking the time however to absorb some of the city and countryside that influenced his work really invigorated my interest and allowed me to revisit some of his poems with fresh eyes

We took a trip to Laurgne which is such a sweet little town.  Dylan Thomas lived here for two short periods of his life and spoke very fondly of the place.  Many people believe that the town was an influence for the village of Llareggub in 'Under Milk Wood' We were totally absorbed in Laugharne , we lost a few hours until we saw that ours was the last car in the car park and realised that it was way passed Frieda's dinner time.  We got chips and sat in the car sheltering from the rain before driving home.  Alan said that this ritual meant we were a' proper' family.  Happy times.

For all you non Thomas fans I apologise for the random photos of what is Thomas's writing shed, a hotel he used to drink in, and the photo of the rocky headland is Worms head a special place he used to visit.  Still with me?  Well done, I realise we had a bit of an anaorakish holiday in more ways than one.  


Monday, 18 August 2014

Frieda has a room!

Frieda has a bed room. It has taken us a year and a half to finish one room in our new (ish) house. We live in a 'compact' two up two down, ex 1940's council house, which we moved into two weeks before Frieda was born.  At the rate we decorate it's a good job we only have 5 rooms. If we carry on at our production rate we should have a finished house in six years.  Oh and I forgot about the garden.....don't get me started on the garden! Thankfully we finished Frieda's room before she wants to cover it in Disney Princess stickers!! Will that day come? *she asks anxiously *

We live in a very expensive area of the country so I'm thankful every single day that we were ever able to buy a house and know we were extremely lucky to be able to do this. In our current situation we would not be able to. Money was extremely tight last year, which left very little money for decorating. Living sustainably is pretty important to our family and we are committed to recycling and reusing, so I wanted to show you some photos of Frieda's room which we decorated very cheaply, using recycled items minus the bed.

I made the crochet blankets and Alan's sister made the crochet cushions.  The curtains were my old curtains from my room at university, my mum did a great job of lining them.  The room, if i'm honest, actually resembles my room at university ( take note of the poster we took off a pub wall in Hastings and the ethnic ceiling mobiles, it could be my room circa 2000) minus the fire doors, worn carpet, oh and the front door in my room.  The bunting was from my friends hen do a few years ago and the star lampshade belonged to me in a past life.

The shelves were orangey pine coloured ones from a boot fair and I painted them using paint that the previous home owners had left.  The lovely elephant mobile was gift from Alan's friend in Indonesia. 

The wall paint was left over paint given to us.  I know people have very strong feelings about magnolia but I actually don't mind it (gosh did I admit that in public).  Because we wanted all the furniture to be white, and I don't go in for coloured walls, I wanted a light cream colour and the fact we were given a glut of magnolia....well it just made sense.  Alan found this great bag in a charity shop in Scotland and the pictures used to hang in our old bedroom.


The little chair is a prayer chair that was my Grandmas.  The bedside table I found on the street and painted it white.  The beautiful peacock cushion was a present for Frieda from a friend (it's from India).  The rug I found a a boot fair ages ago, my partner hates it so it has found it's way into Frieda's room. The wardrobe is our old one it was a cheapish gum tree find.  As you can see we need to smarten it up a little.  The bed is new and has a pull out bed underneath for my mum.  All Frieda's sheets and duvet covers were picked up from the charity shop.....I wonder how long it will be until Frieda protests at this?

The mirror was really cheap from a house clearance.  The fab star mobile was made for Frieda by my good friend.  The drawer shelves I found in a skip and painted and I filled them with little trinkets I already owned.  The chest of drawers I found on ebay, they were quite tatty, my mum cleaned and painted them white.

The cot is Frieda's prize procession, next to baby Amber and baby Charlie.  I found it at an antiques fair for a bargin price of £8.  I had been after one for a while.  I made the pom pom garland after a mad spell of pom pom making after Frieda was born, when I had no brain power to knit.  The height chart was a bit of a splurge for me I got it from madame chalet after receiving a tax rebate.  

The baskets I use to store Frieda's toys were mostly street finds.  The shelving unit we found on the street and painted white.

I must mention the floor.  My mum sanded and painted the floor with a little help from me.  She also bought Frieda a new rug for her birthday.  I forgot to take a before photo.....but we had a stained carpet in there before.

We finished Frieda's room about a month ago and I have only just got round to writing this post. It seems fitting that I am writing this post on the eve that Frieda spends her first night in her room. After a year and a half of room sharing (bed sharing really!), it has been decided that Frieda should try out her own room. She will be sleeping in their with daddy to start off with. I feel a little sad about this but it seemed the right time as Frieda slept in her own bed but in our room a few times whilst on holiday and got on well.  Wishing you all a peaceful nights sleep.
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