Sunday, 16 November 2014

Secondhand first week

When I started my blog I had absolutely no intention of talking about the clothes I wore, well maybe, with the possible exception of showing off a hand knitted scarf.  I thought my blog would be a thrifty craft blog and would also document some of my day trips.  I am however a very slow crafter, throw a child into the mix, and well very little crafting actually gets done.  I also hadn't quite realised just how passionate I was about second hand shopping.  This blog has turned into a nice little outlet to talk about my love of second hand and re using.  This coming week (17th to 23rd November) is Triad's Secondhand first week.  Take a look at their secondhand first pledge, I committed to buying 80% of my wardrobe second hand this coming year.  I'm linking up with Ethical fashion bloggers to celebrate the joy of second hand outfits.

I love second hand shopping, I love the thrill of the chase and the buzz you feel when you find a perfect item of clothing.  My partner and I visit dull towns on the strength of their charity shops.  We rate our favourite charity shops, our favourite being the old school sort of charity shop the ones that are simply called 'charity shop', raise money for cats or donkeys and do not sort it's stock out by way of know the ones that smell ever so slightly of the attic and sell most items for a pound, oh yes we really love our charity shops. I joke slightly, I do also recognise the value of paying a fair price for second hand clothes and raising money for charity.

So I think it's safe to say, I was very excited about Second hand first week as it's a way to celebrate, what is really, my favourite hobby.

So here is ..... drum second hand, outfit post.

Hat - Cancer Research (no label)
Dress - Car Boot sale (George at Asda)
Shirt - British Heart Foundation (Gap)
Jacket - St Vincent de Pauls (Edinburgh Wool Mill)
Shoes - Clarks new

I may be brave and blog some more of my second hand outfits this week so do pop over to my blog and say hello.   Happy Secondhand first week!



  1. I love your outfit, super stylish. I have only recently started to 2nd hand shop again and I love it but still make a fair few mistakes. I was thinking of trying the 2nd hand first pledge though, it is such a great idea and I love TRAID and its whole ethos. This week would be a good week to final make that pledge!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I was actually going to write a blog post this week about charity shop mistakes because I have made so many!!!! particularly to start with. It's that whole 'oh it's only £3' or 'It's such a fun item' And then you get it home and you try it again, its terrible and it ends up back at the charity shop.

    2. Ooh please do write that blog post, if only to make me feel not so alone! It is nice to see that my eye for charity shop finds will improve over time, jumpsuit-gate is still haunting me. Let's just say that if an item causes hilarity for others it is safe to assume it did not suit me! :)

  2. Hi, visiting from Ethical Fashion Bloggers. I'm with you on the buzz you get from old-school charity shops. When my boyfriend says, "It smells in here," I know I'm in a good one :)
    Great combination of charity shop finds in this outfit!

    1. Thanks for your comment.....I love your blog. I can picture the smelly charity shop as I type and it's making me smile. x


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