Thursday, 23 April 2015

What I Wore: People Tree

As you know tomorrow is Fashion Revolution Day.  I will be asking a few brands who made my clothes.  One brand I won't be asking is People Tree, as they provide this information on their website and clothing labels.  I buy with confidence from People Tree.  They are transparent about who makes their clothes and what materials they use.   I have quite a few People Tree items.  I buy classic items from here, that I know will stay in my wardrobe for many many years.  I really love this brand and thought I would share one of my favourite skirts that I bought from them a few years ago.  I always wear long skirts in the summer so I knew that this purchase (which lets be honest is more expensive than a high street purchase) would be worn every summer for many years to come.  

Skirt - People Tree
Cardigan - Second hand Primark
Teeshirt - A Marks and Spencers P.J top 

Thank you People Tree

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fashion Revolution Day

Anyone who has ever attempted/succeeded in making an item of clothing will be aware of the level of skill that is needed and the time it takes.  I have tried and failed to sew a skirt.  I have knitted 4 successful cardigans and 2 unsuccessful ones and a few scarf's and gloves. I have a distinct  memory of being awake at 3 pm in, tears unpicking a row of stitches, feeling so frustrated that I didn't understand the pattern.  In general it takes me a couple of months to knit a cardigan, now that's a very long time!

In our current frenzy for fast fashion it's easy to forget the work that goes into making a piece of clothing.  It's easy to not care for our clothes because we know it's cheap and easy to replace them.  The fact that clothes are rarely made in the UK means it's easy ignore the people who made our clothes and conditions in which our clothes were made in.

The 24th April is Fashion Revolution Day.  To join in all you need to do is take a selfie and post it on social media, showing your clothing label,l (it's easy to do this by wearing your clothes inside out) and ask the brand 'who made my clothes'.  Use the hash tags #whomademyclothes and #fashrev.

You could even start early and ask a few brands.  The date is significant, the 24th April is the second anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza where 1133 people were killed and 2500 were injured, most of whom were garment industry workers. 

So April 24th are you in? let us say thank you to the garment workers who made our clothes.  I look forward to seeing your images on social media. 

(Images taken from

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Egg rolling

I didn't take any photos in March meaning that I was unable to do a 'And that was March' round-up. This got me thinking a little about blogging.  I'm definitely not a 'blogger' blogger I don't always have the desire to document.  Sometimes I just enjoy just being in the moment and have very little urge to start snapping.   Plus my social media presence is diabolical.  I love instagram  and look at it every day but asides from this there are many days that have no desire to communicate through social media.   In short I began to question why I blog, was there any point?  I realised that although I probably will never be a prolific blogger, there are days when the urge to document, create and communicate feel overwhelming and on these days this little blog satisfies those urges and brings me great pleasure. 

Easter Sunday was a day I felt the desire to document.  Me and Frieda had been ill for a week and were stuck in a world of tissues and blankets and peppa pig.  By Sunday we were mostly better and felt ready for outdoor adventures.  We had a simple day, just our family of three.  We had an Easter egg hunt ( actually a chocolate coin hunt because we are rubbish and last minute and the shops had run out of eggs at 6.30 pm on Saturday)*, we painted and rolled some eggs before settling on the sofa eating chocolate and watching cartoons whilst Alan cooked a roast dinner and bread and butter pudding. 

*This was another point that got me thinking about blogging and my place within it.  My personality is naturally a bit laid back, a bit make do and a bit last minute.  I have lusted over the most beautiful Easter images on peoples blogs with carefully thought out Easter egg hunts, proper chocolate eggs, beautiful wicker baskets and pretty vintage dresses.  The truth is I never get my act together to be this prepared and to try and strive towards these sorts of images would feel so unauthentic.  so I hope you enjoyed the images of our cobbled together, decide in the morning what we will do Easter.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Knitted food

We bought Frieda a little tea set for her birthday as she loves having pretend tea parties with her toys.  I knitted her some food to enjoy with her friends.  I have to confess I don't enjoy knitting as much as I used to, my allegiances have firmly switched to crochet these days. This was a perfect project for using up scraps of wool that i had lurking at the bottom of my wool basket.
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