Thursday, 23 April 2015

What I Wore: People Tree

As you know tomorrow is Fashion Revolution Day.  I will be asking a few brands who made my clothes.  One brand I won't be asking is People Tree, as they provide this information on their website and clothing labels.  I buy with confidence from People Tree.  They are transparent about who makes their clothes and what materials they use.   I have quite a few People Tree items.  I buy classic items from here, that I know will stay in my wardrobe for many many years.  I really love this brand and thought I would share one of my favourite skirts that I bought from them a few years ago.  I always wear long skirts in the summer so I knew that this purchase (which lets be honest is more expensive than a high street purchase) would be worn every summer for many years to come.  

Skirt - People Tree
Cardigan - Second hand Primark
Teeshirt - A Marks and Spencers P.J top 

Thank you People Tree

Until tomorrow!


  1. I always liked that skirt from People Tree but could never think how I could wear it, you look really stylish and now I am jealous I never bought one of those skirts :) People Tree are brilliant aren't they? I am wearing my People Tree Peter Jensen Jumper today and it is one of my items that I wear everywhere! Agree that buying classic pieces from People Tree is the way to go.

  2. The skirt looks lovely. I love People Tree,the style of their clothes works so well for me aswell as their ethics and transparency.

  3. I just ordered a length of organic cotton to dye with plant dyes and make into something to wear ... it feels quite liberating :)


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