Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Back to the 90's

This is an example of how not to have a sustainable wardrobe.  I have wanted a pair of dungarees for a while now.  I decided that, if chosen well, they would be a wardrobe staple and would last me a good few years.  I found these early 90's naf naf dungarees on ebay, I went weak for the jazzy colours and all that pattern.  

In truth, I like these but i'm probably not going to wear them that often and they probably won't be staying with me for years to come!  I'm still on the hunt for another (plain) pair of dungarees and I sort of wish I had just stuck to finding  and investing in a perfect pair of dungarees. I'm pretty pleased with my vintage suede blazer that I picked up for three pounds in the charity shop though.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

bobbing up and down in a sea of blue.

It's been a little quiet over here at PJTM.  I have enjoyed having a little break from this blog, call it an unplanned holiday.  I was a little glum about the election results and have indulged in a little wallowing.  I have been staying close to home of late enjoying simple pleasures and making the most of a garden I never imagined we would have (I presumed we would be living in a flat for a good few years!)    

I have been enjoying the forget-me-nots immensely; a sea of blue I can get on board with! As inexperienced gardeners, we breath a sigh of relief when the forget-me-nots arrive and drown out all our weeds.  Come May, we have such an abundance that I excitedly fill jam jars with the flowers and spread a little blue cheer over the house.

I had a go at making soya candles using some old jam jars and scenting them with essential oil.  These are a delight to make and the best thing is that you don't need separate equipment to make them; I simply used an everyday saucepan and measuring jug, the wax washes out really easily with hot soapy water and isn't harmful.  I made several to give as gifts.  There are so many tutorials on the internet, I looked at quite a few and then free styled a bit.  This one is good for getting the basic idea.  I scented mine with some vanilla essential oil that I had left over from Christmas, so I only had to buy the flakes and wicks.  

It's good to be back.
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