Tuesday, 30 June 2015

An ANNOUNCEMENT, suburban hiccups and getting away from it all.

Gosh it's been a long time. My absence has been largely due to the fact that.... Drum roll please.....I am 17 weeks pregnant!!!!  Second baby due mid December.  Growing another little human, looking after another little human and working part time has taken all of my energy and then some.  But that first trimester, feel like you have a really bad hangover every single day, feeling has lifted and i'm raring to get back into blog land.

Other things taking up all my energy and all our money of late include; kitchen D.I.Y that went wrong and took weeks to fix and, in fact, is still not fixed, terracotta tiles that simply won't seal, a car that failed it's M.O.T and is now in rusty car haven, bathroom woes, work men not showing up, braking my phone and having zero funds to replace it (oh instagram how i miss you) and chicken pox (Frieda).  I'm not going to lie I have felt a little bit stressed by what I realise are, in the grand scheme of things, very minor little hiccups!  I realise that the very fact I have a car and a house make me incredibly lucky and I can hear my 21 year old care free self berating me for getting in such a tizz about such trivial, middle class, suburban problems.  So any way whilst I can not describe the above situations as very stressful, it's certainly been enough to feel like I have given my emotions, and my bank balance, a little work out. One word of advice avoid terracotta tiles. 

Skint, tired and in need of some quality family time, we decided we all needed some r 'n' r. So last week we threw our tent into the back of our new little run around and headed 17 miles up the road, in search of sand.  We found a camp site near to Pevensy Bay and, as requested by Frieda, managed to find a strip of sand (Any parent living in the Brighton area will know how exciting this is!).  And despite having a child who refused to go to sleep and one who woke up several times in the night and a little blow up mattress wetting accident ( soaking us all), we all managed to return home feeling thoroughly refreshed and raring to get on with life. 

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