Monday, 3 August 2015

And that was July

July has felt like a very long month. Days rolled out, long and full of sun light, with very little in the way of plans (asides from my part time work).  Since becoming pregnant I seem to have lost the art of making plans; some days this is wonderful,  there is nothing quite like that feeling of waking up, looking out of the window, and thinking 'oh it looks like it will be sunny today what should we do?'. There have been 'those' days though, days that other parents will recognise when it's pouring with rain, and the realisation kicks in that 'ahhhh we havn't arranged to do anything today......what are we going to do? where can we go?' Luckily those days have not been many and I have generally been enjoying a fairly carefree July.

We have slowly been trying to tackle our poor neglected garden.  And for the third year I find my self saying 'oh well next year will be the year of the garden!'  We have a terrible bind weed problem, it has been like that ever since we moved in.  It has chocked many of our flowers, for 2 years we have spent hour upon back braking hour trying to dig the stuff out. This year i'm afraid we resorted to chemicals and it's really starting to feel that we have more of a hold on the stuff, so I am feeling a little more optimistic about next year.  Next year will be the summer of the garden....I can feel it!  I therefore have no proud picture moments from our garden.

We have been getting out and about enjoying Sussex.  Our real highlight has been river swimming in Barcombe Mills.  Middle farm delighted as always and really is still a firm family favourite. We also ventured over to West Sussex for a lovely wedding at Pulborough.

As we enter August i'm becoming very aware of how little time we have before the new arrival.  I'm starting to notice all the things that need doing in our house, being very aware of the fact that we were totally out of action for a year with Frieda! I guess this is probably just the nesting instinct kicking in.   

This month I have been enjoying reading about The Inelegant Horse Riders plastic free July challenge. I would like to try this next year. 



  1. Thanks for the mention of the plastic free July challenge - I have been pretty terrible at it this year so I will certainly be doing it again last year and would love to hear your experiences on it (I think I will need inspiration). That river swimming spot looks lovely, hope you have a wonderful August too.

  2. Looks beautiful Han, I hope that you guys are enjoying a lovely Summer together :)


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