Friday, 11 September 2015

Zero waste week

Zero waste week is well and truly under way. I actually meant to get this blog post out at the start of the week, but alas, my week, thus far, has been one of computer woes! 

If you haven't already checked out the Zero waste week website go check it out. It has lots if great resources about how to reduce your waste. This years theme is reuse. 

To celebrate Zero waste week, i thought i would share with you some of my favorite blogs that are in the ethical sustainable category, all with a strong emphasis on all things thrifty. 
Moral Fibres
Firstly, no surprises here really, I have chosen 'Moral Fibres'. I think this blog is already a firm favorite among some of my readers. Wendy, the writer, is so knowledgeable and all the blog posts are so well researched. Her photos are great too, so it makes for a real treat for the eye too. Its my go to blog for all things ethical and sustainable.  She features a lot of articles about sustainable fashion, which I think is how I first came across the blog.
Feed a Family Oxford

Next up is' Feed a Family Oxford'.  This blog is very new to me. It has blown my mind!  In this blog Caroline shows how she feeds her family of three, for a month, using as much local and organic produce as she can, all for £100.  Caroline is a nutritionist and herbalist so all the recipes on this blog are on the healthy side.....we are certainly not talking tesco value oven chips here!  The blog is super inspiring and has a whole section on food scrap meals, some of which I have not been brave enough to try; crushed up egg shell calcium sprinkles anyone?  or potato peeling crisps?  This blog really encourages you to think hard about the food you prepare and the food you throw away.  It's great for thrifty types and I really urge you to have a look.

Little eco footprints

'little eco footprints' is a slow, gentle relaxing read. I suppose it's a family lifestyle blog of sorts.  Tricia's blog shows ways of reducing your carbon footprint.  Her ethos is living better with less.  It's a blog that you can easily loose yourself in for a few hours.  It's a nice Sunday read.

Eco Thrifty Living

Lastly 'Eco Thrifty Living'.  This blog is a great resource.  My favourite section being the money saving one.  There is alot lot's of information about plastic free and zero waste.  The blogs author, Zoe Morrison, also hosts an online sustainable book group.

What are your go to green blogs? Do share I'm always looking to expand my library of resources.


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  1. Hey Hannah; thanks so much for spreading the word about zero waste week and sharing some of your fave green bloggers. I hope you enjoyed the week!


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