Sunday, 14 February 2016

New beginnings and life lately

New year and it's sense of fresh starts passed me by this year. I was still treading water, in the sea of new born haze, when the 1st of January arrived. It's only now in February that we are settling into a rhythm of sorts and am beginning to look towards the year ahead.
Pre Iona, when I had two hands to devote to my eldest, we would stay in our p.js until midday, watching cartoons, reading stories, baking, crafting and playing make believe.  This would be followed by a leisurely lunch and then an outing in the afternoon.  My daughter is notoriously difficult to get dressed, so we never made it to morning playgroups, preferring to potter at home. This old rhythm no longer works for us, I have learnt the hard way!  After a night with a new born, the temptation to stay on the sofa, cuddling the baby, and passing the ipad to my eldest is immense!!!!! By lunch time though my daughter is bored and feels left out, there is no space to move in our tiny house, as everything everywhere has been tipped out, Frieda will typically refuse to get dressed and everyone ends up in tears. And so it is, we have become morning people, we frequent play groups, parks, supermarkets, duck ponds and libraries all before 10am. My more laid back parenting style has introduced a couple of rules; Frieda gets dressed before or during breakfast and we leave the house in the morning. Harmony has been restored after introducing these two little rules/rhythms and everyone is much happier in the afternoons, when it's not unheard of for us to get back into our p.j's and binge watch cbeebies, whilst Iona has her 'witching hour', you know that hour when a new born just screams at you and you have no idea why!
(Iona has grown so much, I have already started to pack away some of her amazing knitwear *sobs*)

So looking forward this year I have two simple hopes/goals other than surviving looking after two children.  We would like to make a few changes to our house, mainly make it bigger, It's pretty tiny at the moment, with two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs plus a tiny bathroom that is smaller than a double bed. 
Secondly I would really like to learn how to use my Digital SLR on it's manual setting. I think I say this every year! But it's February and I have already watched quite a few photography tutorials on you who knows maybe 2016 will be my year of the camera! 
Anyway, wishing you a very belated Happy New Year.  At the moment, due to having a newborn strapped constantly to my chest i'm only really able to take photos on my phone, so i'll leave you with a couple of snaps from Blackberry Farm.  I hope to get my proper camera out again soon.    

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