Monday, 15 August 2016

Beach Adventures

A firm believer of the less is more approach to toys and paid experiences, I delight in seeing my daughter playing at the beach.  The beach is hands down my daughters favourite place to play especially if it's a sandy beach.  We are lucky enough to live a 20 minute drive from a pebble beach and an hour and 15 minutes from a sandy beach.

This summer we spent some days at West Wittering, a place, I can't believe has taken me this long to visit.  A simple holiday, visiting the same spot of the beach day in day out.  The beach became an exciting other world for my eldest daughter, who delighted in drawing in the sand, collecting shells, sensory play, paddling, building sand castles, dancing, and eating ice cream.  The same spot of the beach changed several times in a day, with new paddling pols appearing, wet sand making way for dry and sandcastles being eaten by the waves. My youngest delighted in head planting her face into the sand and then eating it. She was quite a fan of the seaweed too. 

My eldest was so absorbed, that I was able to to take so time and finally turn my camera off of auto mode.  My one goal this year was to learn how to use manual settings on my camera and several you tube tutorials later, these are my first results (actually my second really, my first photos were pitch black).  Having children has taught me to give things ago and to stop feeling held back by fear or expectation.  I watch my children constantly learning, seeking and creating and it's contagious.  I really hope that this is a skill that I will find time to develop over the next few years.  If anyone can suggest any resources for beginners DSLR  photography I would love to hear.  My next step is to learn  how to edit these photos. So it's been beach adventures for my children and the start of my photography adventures.


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