Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Name Change

Hello, hello, hello!!!! Gosh it's been a while and my what an inconsistent blogger I have become.  I'm back and with a new name.  

There are a few reasons for my absence; Firstly, I have found it so difficult to find the time to blog.  I have children who really do find it difficult to get to sleep and to nap, so it's really quite rare to find a time when I don't have a babe on top of me.  I am in awe of other bloggers who seem to have a handful of children and manage to blog regularly.......I am just not this person.

Secondly, My computer is old and crap and in need of replacing.  It has been fixed a few times and although it does work (just about) it is not a joy to use and it puts me off writing my blog. I'm trying to get together the pennies to buy a new one but, alas, this is taking time.

Thirdly, Trying to sell our house and working out the logistics of going back to work and, more recently, my latest obsession of keeping up with the crazy political events both and home and abroad has zapped all my energy and there has been little room for anything else.

Fourthly, It's just not felt right.  The blog didn't feel right.  It has no focus and it doesn't reflect who I am.  I have wondered why I blog and I have felt shy about putting myself out there with no clear purpose.  After some thought I just want to blog for myself, I want a visual story, a sort of online diary. 

So.... I have decided that a name is needed.  I started this blog when I returned to work, after having my daughter.  I had a really itch that just wasn't being scratched.  My role at work and as a mother required so much compassion and caring and nurturing of other people that I felt like i was drowning in compassion overload.  I needed a space that would allow me to create, play, document, explore and grow.  Being thrifty and treading lightly was so tied up in my everyday that Peggy Jobbins Thrift Mistress was born.  But if i'm honest it just didn't really work out.  I do loads of thrifty things in my life but I have come to realise that I often don't document them and although treading lightly and thrifty raising my children makes my heart sing, I just don't really enjoy writing about it.  I don't have nearly as much time for crafts as I did pre children and often being thrifty simply means shopping in Aldi.  I realise now that the name of my blog often intimidated me and thus put me off coming back. 

Since the birth of Iona I have written much more about family life but I don't see myself as a parent blogger.  I thought about giving up and sticking to Instagram, but  then politics and current affairs crept back into my life and it became all consuming and I felt like I couldn't breath, for all the news I was consuming.  I have come to realise that I need this space more than ever to focus on the joy, the whimsy, and the beauty present in the every day.  My life is very much rooted to the home and at times I have felt that I have had little to say because of this but when I talk to people about my everyday, I realise that my life has never felt so full.  My everyday is so packed full of little adventures and these little adventures are tiny pieces of the big adventure that we are all on and I have a thirst to document these adventures.    

I have never cared about numbers and this blog was always intended to document my life but the name didn't reflect this. And so, Peggy Jobbins' Little Big Adventure is born.  A place to document the little details of my life that are the Jigsaw pieces of this big adventure that we are all on.  I thank everyone who has stopped by over the months.  I look forward to continuing with you all.  I have stopped reading a lot of blogs since the birth of Iona because it felt too overwhelming to keep up but i'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

Wishing much love and adventure to you all.



  1. Welcome back Han, I looked at your blog the other day and saw that it was changing! Hope this way suits you better :)

  2. Beautiful new blog design, and I hope the new focus suits you better. Like you, blogging, both reading and writing, is the first thing to go when I am busy. X


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